Audit Committee

In accordance with the Education Act, the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board formed an Audit Committee in January 2011. The Audit Committee is comprised of 2 elected trustees and two external members. The role of the Audit Committee is to assist the Board of Trustees in fulfilling its responsibilities related to governance and oversight.

The primary duties and responsibilities of the Audit Committee include:

  • Review the financial management of the Board and its financial reporting processes.
  • Review the overall effectiveness of the Board's internal controls.
  • Review the performance and effectiveness of the Board's internal auditors.
  • Review the independence and performance of the Board's external auditors.
  • Review the effectiveness of the Board's system for monitoring compliance with legislative requirements and with the Board's policies and procedures.
  • Review and assess the Board's policies with respect to risk management.

The Committee meets at least three (3) times per year plus ad hoc meetings as required.

Please see Ontario Regulation 361/10 - Audit Committees for more information.


Assessment Department

Catholic Ratepayers have the unique opportunity to choose to declare their support designation for Catholic Education. When you designate your property assessment to Thunder Bay Catholic you are sending the government a powerful message. You are making your voice heard in support of Catholic Education—a right of Catholics in Ontario for over 150 years.

Now more than ever, it is essential that all partners in Catholic Education work together to demonstrate in a tangible way, their commitment to and belief in Catholic Education and in the protection and preservation of our educational system. One way to do this is by ensuring that your school tax support is designated English-Separate.

Why declare your support to Catholic education?

  • It is the basis of attendance rights for admission into Thunder Bay Catholic elementary schools;
  • It is a public record of the extent of support for our Thunder Bay Catholic schools, providing the government with an indication of the overall support and strength of a publicly funded Catholic school system. A Catholic who is not registered as a separate school supporter is not allowed to cast a vote in the election of separate school trustees in municipal elections;
  • It is used to determine the number of trustees to be elected to each board to represent the interests of parents and other ratepayers;
  • It supports board population projections, which affect funding for new pupil places.

If you are a homeowner, it is important to know that your declaration of support for Thunder Bay Catholic schools does not follow you if you relocate, as it automatically defaults to “public” support.

Each time you move or there is a change to the deed of your home, it is vital for Roman Catholic homeowners to complete an Application for Direction of School Support Form to direct your support to Catholic schools.

Who is entitled to support Catholic schools?

All Roman Catholics - even if you do not have children

Education taxes are paid whether you have children or not. If you do not direct your support, you are automatically considered a public supporter. All Catholic ratepayers are partners in Catholic education. Ultimately, your commitment will make a difference to the future of Catholic education and demonstrate to the province, the ongoing support of the general public to the Catholic school system in Ontario.

Homeowners and Tenants

If the sole owner of a home is not Roman Catholic, but the spouse is, or one owner in a jointly owned home is not Catholic, support can still be directed to Thunder Bay Catholic by completing an additional Roman Catholic School Assessment Lease Form. The Lease form is used for school support purposes only.

How do declare my support?

For your convenience, the short process to follow and forms to complete are accessible below. It only takes a few minutes to complete and submit the form to our Student Information and Administrative Services office through your elementary or secondary school. Please share this information with family and friends who may not have children in Thunder Bay Catholic but who support Catholic education.

  1. Check your school designation on your property tax bill to ensure that you are an "English Separate" school supporter. If you are unsure please contact the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) at 1 (866) 296-6722.
  2. Print and complete the Application for Direction of School Support Form.
  3. In addition, if you are one of two (2) joint owners or tenants of your home, but only one of you is a Roman Catholic a Separate School Assessment Lease Form will also need to be completed.


Application for Direction of School Support

Separate School Support Lease

Forward completed forms to the attention of the Assessment Department at the Thunder Bay Catholic District School board by:

Mail: 459 Victoria Ave. W, Thunder Bay ON, P7C 0A4

Fax : 807-623-0431


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