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Strategic Plan

Our Journey, Our Dream

Guided by Truth, Reconciliation, Hope, Love and Faith

In response to the Pandemic and to reflect the next time span of our plan, the New Strategic Plan: Our Journey, Our Dream illustrates who we are as a Board, as Educators and as a community.

Together as a committee, consisting of Senior Team, Trustees, Principals, Educators and Board Employees, we created an improved plan. This plan is in response to the Pandemic and is reflective of past initiatives illustrating new actions and sentiments.

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Director's Annual Report

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Director's Reports

Parents Make The Difference

The Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board and the Catholic Parent Involvement Committee publish this monthly newsletter packed full of practical ideas for parents to help their children.

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Executive Compensation

In compliance with Ontario Regulation 304/16 - Executive Compensation Framework, and Ontario Regulation 187/17, all 72 Ontario public sector school boards collaboratively developed a comprehensive proposed Executive Compensation Program to support Executive Compensation management across the Province.

The Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board approved their Executive Compensation Program on January 15, 2018.

Executive Compensation

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