The 6 Global Competencies

Massive shifts in practices and outcomes will not happen by chance. Along with our partners in eight countries, we have have identified four key components that allow us to cultivate Deep Learning through focusing on the Global Competencies- 6Cs

  • Character
    Character refers to qualities of the individual essential for being personally effective in a complex world including: grit, tenacity, perseverance, resilience, reliability, and honesty.

  • Citizenship
    Thinking like global citizens, considering global issues based on a deep understanding of diverse values with genuine interest in engaging with others to solve complex problems that impact human and environmental sustainability.

  • Collaboration
    Collaboration refers to the capacity to work interdependently and synergistically in teams with strong interpersonal and team‐related skills including effective management of team dynamics, making substantive decisions together, and learning from and contributing to the learning of others.

  • Communication
    Communication entails mastery of three fluencies: digital, writing, and speaking tailored for a range of audiences.

  • Creativity
    Having an ‘entrepreneurial eye’ for economic and social opportunities, asking the right questions to generate novel ideas, and demonstrating leadership to pursue those ideas into practice.

  • Critical Thinking
    Critically evaluating information and arguments, seeing patterns and connections, construction meaningful knowledge and applying it in the real world.

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