The Chat tool allows instantaneous communication with classmates, peers, and your instructors. You can hold group meetings, brainstorm ideas, and chat as a group.

Using chat rooms

Entering a chat room

Access a chat room by clicking the Chat link on your Course Home navigation bar.

The Available Chats page displays.

Chat rooms are grouped as either Course Chats or Personal Chats.Course Chats can only be accessed from the appropriate course. Personal Chats can be accessed from anywhere in the D2L Learning Environment. Participants who are currently inside a personal chat are listed in bold green font.

Select the chat you want to join from the list.

The Participants pane displays a list of users currently signed in to a chat room. Click on a person’s name to send him or her a page.

To add a new text message: Type a message in the text box at the bottom of the Chat room, and click Add.

To change the number of messages that appear in your Chat window: Enter the number of lines you want to display in the Lines field at the top of the Chat window, and click Change.

If you think that new messages have been added and are not appearing on your screen fast enough: Click the Refresh Chat Text icon at the top of the Chat window.

To print a transcript of a chat room session: Click the Printable View of this Chat icon, and print using your browser’s print functionality. Click Back to Chat when you are done.

To switch to another chat room: Select the chat room from the Chat drop-down list.

Changing the appearance of your name

You can change the way your name appears in the Participants pane and in chat messages to differentiate yourself from other users.

  1. Click the Change Your Chat User Identity icon at the top of the Chat window.
  2. Check the box beside Bold or Italics, if desired.
  3. Select a color from the Colour drop-down list.
  4. Click Submit.

Creating chat rooms

Create personal chat rooms to meet with classmates or other friends that are a part of your D2L Learning Environment.

Note: Depending on the permissions set by your site’s administrator you may not be able to create personal chats.

  1. Click Chat on your Course Home navigation bar from any course offering.
  2. Click Create Chat at the top of the page.
  3. Ensure that Personal Chat is selected, and click Next.
  4. Enter a Chat Title and Description, and click Next.

Personal chat rooms can only be accessed by users who have been added to the Participant List. When users are added, the chat room displays under Personal Chats on their Available Chats page.

  1. From the Participant List area, click the Add link at the top of the Current Participants list.
  2. Select
    1. the Add Someone You Know option, and type the username of the participant you want to add in the text box.
    2. Select the Add Classmate(s) option, choose a class from the drop-down list, and check the boxes beside the participants you want to add.
  3. Click Add.

Once you have added participants to a chat, their names are displayed below the name of the personal chat on the Available Chats page. Users who are signed in to the chat room appear in bold green.

From the Participant List, check the boxes beside the participants you want to remove, and click the Remove link.

You can edit the name, description, and participants list of chat rooms you created.

  1. From the Available Chats page, click the Edit Chat icon beside the chat room you want to modify. The Chat Details and Participant List page displays.
  2. Modify the chat room as desired, and click Update.

From the Available Chats page, click the Delete Chat icon beside the chat room you want to delete.

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