Getting Started with D2L

This brief guide will help you get started using the D2L Learning Environment. Knowledge of the following topics will prepare you for engaging with your course:

  • Your system requirements
  • Obtaining and changing passwords
  • Running a system check
  • Logging in to your personal home page
  • Creating and editing your profile

System Requirements

The first step to accessing your online courses is to ensure your computer meets the appropriate system requirements.

The D2L Learning Environment is web-based, meaning users log in to D2L through the internet using a web browser. The following table outlines the required and recommended components for you to successfully access your courses.

Component Required Recommended
Browser (Windows)
  • Internet Explorer 6.0
  • Netscape Navigator 7.2
  • Mozilla 1.7
  • Firefox 1.5 (pre-support mode)
  • Internet Explorer 6.0
  • Netscape Navigator 7.2
Browser (Mac)
  • Netscape Navigator 7.2
  • Mozilla 1.7
  • Firefox 1.5 (pre-support mode)
  • Safari 1.3, 2.0 (pre-support mode)
  • Netscape Navigator 7.2
Browser (Linux)
  • Mozilla 1.7
  • Firefox 1.5 (pre-support mode)
Operating System
  • Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, 2003, XP
  • Mac OS X (up to 10.4)
  • Windows 2003, XP Service Pack 2
  • Mac OS X (up to 10.4)
  • SVGA monitor
  • Minimum resolution of 800 x 600
  • Resolution of 1024x768 or greater
Internet Speed 56K modem 56k, or DSL or Cable modem
Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) JRE v1.4.2.x (required to run LiveRoom 4.0, SCORM and Equation Editor)
Java Script Enabled
Cookies Enabled

Note: Browsers in pre-support mode are currently involved in a quality assurance cycle. We hope to fully support them by the next major or minor release.

Note: The above mentioned products and or services retain their trademarks and copyrights where applicable.

Running a system check

A system check automatically checks that your system configurations (for example, browser version and display settings) are up-to-date. To run a system check on your computer, select the System Check link on the Course Home Login page before logging in.

Obtaining course passwords

Your course passwords are included with the welcome letter or registration confirmation sent by your institution. After you have received your initial password notification, you can change your password from the Course Home page.

Logging in to D2L

  1. Open your web browser and type the URL provided by your institution into the web address text box.
  2. Type your username and case-sensitive password in the appropriate fields, and click Login.

Changing your password

To change your password from your Course Home page:

  1. Select the My Password link from the Welcome widget.
  2. Type your old password and select and confirm a new password in the appropriate fields, and click Change Password.

Creating and changing your profile

You can create a personal profile containing information about yourself that you want to share with classmates and other users. To create or change your profile from your Course Home page, click the My Profile link in the Welcome widget. The My Profile page displays.

Note: This page may display differently, depending on your organization’s design choices.

  1. Add and change information as desired.
  2. Click Save Changes.

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